What reasons to choose Outsourcing Testing Services?

What reasons to choose Outsourcing Testing Services?


Outsourcing testing activities are becoming increasingly popular in this day and age. Almost companies want to outsource their testing activities to third parties and concentrate on product development and delivery.

It is often said that testing is not as important as development, but testing also has certain advantages, so testing becomes necessary, especially outsource testing services. When testing is outsourced to a vendor, it ensures that thorough complete end-to-end testing is carried out at the highest quality. As a result, a better and more properly testing high-quality product can be deployed for production.

1. Improve product quality

Outsourcing testing companies have many testing professionals with expertise and experience in specific testing.

Testing companies have diverse testing methods, which are constantly updated, including new tools and technologies. They understand and provide good and appropriate testing methods, bringing the highest efficiency.

In some cases, the outsourced testing service is not only a more reliable option, but they can also provide the quality assurance specified in the contract. Products will be in sync with your expectations.

2. Objective view

Outsourcing testing can bring objectivity to a product by incorporating third-party views. The views of the independent outsourcing testing companies can be very helpful. The evaluation and analysis of testing results will be more objective than the results of an internal evaluation. Since then, finding defects and failures is often more effective, the quality of the product has been improved.

Several levels of independence can be identified, listed here from the lowest level of independence to the highest:

· tests by the person who wrote the item under test;

· tests by another person within the same team, such as another programmer;

· tests by a person from a different organizational group, such as an independent test team;

· tests designed by a person from a different-organization or company, such as outsourced testing or certification by an external body.

3.  Save cost and time

If you outsource testing to a vendor, all preparations that the testing requires (such as test environment setup, defect tracking tool, test management tool and several other tools, etc.) is handled by the vendor. You can also give instructions on the tools you need, the number of iterations required, the type of reporting expected, etc.

The cost for outsourcing testing services is usually lower than the cost for building an independent test team in the enterprise (cost for test equipment, personal income taxes, insurance for employees, etc.), if you cooperate with an independent testing company, you can reduce a lot of costs and ensure profits. Instead of hiring professional testers, outsourcing testing company can also help to save on labour costs.

Besides the above advantages, the outsourcing testing provides significant savings in strategic planning and management time. The respective project managers can then focus more on the appropriate business areas and concentrate on reorganising their internal teams to develop core objectives.

4. Focus on core business areas

As one of the most important advantages of testing outsourcing is the focus on core business areas. Using outsourcing testing services allow companies to have more time to concentrate on other projects. Because they have the knowledge and expertise in specific types of testing to handle the software testing process, by working with a testing outsourcing company, you can focus on product development and other aspects of your products.

Besides the advantages of outsourcing testing, there are also disadvantages. However, depending on the company's requirements, you can choose the right options.

Remember to choose your vendor carefully! A good outsourcing testing company will ensure that the product complies with all quality standards and provides an unbiased and impartial view of the application or product.

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