Why microservice system needs a monitoring?

Why microservice system needs a monitoring?

Some essential concepts relating to the hows and whys of microservices include:
  • Why should systems be monitored?
  • How is monitoring microservices different from monitoring monolithic applications?
  • What data should be gathered when monitoring?
  • What tools are available for publishing, gathering and storing monitoring data?

In the microservice architecture, we have many services running as independent application. In the fact, they provide independent business services that connected together to create a connection network (mesh). Stakeholders want to make sure each end-user has an incredible experience, operations teams want to ensure that the applications powered by these microservices are available and performing well, and development teams want the applications and microservices to function as designed.

The problem: How to controls the hundreds services? if have any critical issue from a service that it need have more meomory? How to debug error on runtime prodution environment?

So we need a centralization system to control all of them. That called monitoring (systems).