Webview + Flutter, Why do you need it?

Webview + Flutter, Why do you need it?


By this point, there have been many languages and frameworks born, all of which offer a clear benefit. Flutter is also one of them. Its benefits are obvious. You develop once, it runs on many platforms.

However, I want to evaluate it with a case where the reality is often, a strong development of technology accompanied by the cost and time to convert. There are many companies that already have their own technology products, they are web applications. But they are still not enough for all devices such as mobile, desktop application. Companies have to spend a lot of money and time to duplicate their products on missing devices...

I would like to propose to you a technology that helps to quickly solve this problem. It's Webview + Flutter. Webview can present your web application products on mobile devices, desktop applications.

This also requires your ingenuity to handle some scenarios on mobile-compatible web applications. It's not much, but the user experience will be different when using a web application product in a webview shell in a mobile application without them realizing it.

I won't go into detail about how you develop Flutter apps. The documentation below is already pretty clear.

Flutter - Build apps for any screen
Flutter transforms the entire app development process. Build, test, and deploy beautiful mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps from a single codebase.

And here is the Webview link for Flutter.

webview_flutter | Flutter Package
A Flutter plugin that provides a WebView widget on Android and iOS.

When using this Webview + Flutter, if the loading of local js, css fails, you can consider using Webview Plus.

webview_flutter_plus | Flutter Package
An extension of webview_flutter to load local HTML,CSS and Javascript from Assets or Strings and much more.

In addition, there is still the issue of session login on iOS devices. That is when you close the application and reopen it on iOS device, session login has been lost, you have to log in again. The explanation for that is that when you close the application, and open it again, the Webview is already running on a new session compared to the previous session. This problem does not occur on Android.

To solve this problem you can use the Webview Plugin below:

flutter_webview_plugin | Flutter Package
Plugin that allow Flutter to communicate with a native Webview.

Session login issue on iOS devices has been resolved.

In short, you already have a stable and profitable web application product system, you want to duplicate this product on the missing devices such as: mobile(iOS, Android, ...) and Desktop application, with minimal cost and time. Flutter + Webview is a perfect solution. Customers are satisfied with your web application product, they will also be satisfied when using it on multiple devices.