ChatGPT/Bard Prompts for Software Developers - Top 19 (P2)

ChatGPT/Bard Prompts for Software Developers - Top 19 (P2)


ChatGPT/Bard is a chatbot that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to converse with the user like humans. It accepts text inputs called ‘prompts’ and replies in text only. The qualities which make it stand out from the crowd are that it can generate code as per given specifications, and gives a very descriptive answer for any kind of query be it in the field of career, education, entertainment, or too much technical or niche for a domain. It can also debug the code given as input and can also act as an interpreter or compiler.

ChatGPT Prompts For Software Developers

Since ChatGPT accepts prompts in Natural Language, we tend to get more accurate and precise answers if we provide more descriptive prompts. It is similar to providing more details in an address to reach the desired location more accurately.

Now the question arises, how to formulate the ‘prompt’ to get more accurate and precise answers? So, we have listed top 19 ChatGPT prompts for software Developers.

Top 19 ChatGPT/Bard Prompts For Software Developers

1. Explain

Software development is all about learning and implementing things on the go. ChatGPT can help us in this regard by explaining the required concepts. Explain prompt can be used to understand a concept, a piece of code, or let’s say the time or space complexities of an algorithm. ChatGPT responds by giving an elaborate answer.

Explain how the {concept or function} works in {programming language}.
explain prompt
Explain how the below {programming language} code works {code snippet}
explain prompt
Explain the time and space complexity of the below code written in {programming language} {code snippet}
explain prompt

2. Syntax

Software developers work with a wide variety of tech stacks. So, it becomes difficult to remember the syntax of every language and technology while picking up a new stack. This is where chatGPT comes to the rescue by providing correct syntax for elements of a programing language with appropriate examples.

What is the correct syntax for a {statement or function} in {programming language}?
correct syntax prompt

3. Fix the Bug

A large chunk of time in software development goes into finding bugs in the code. It not only hampers the productivity of an individual but also delays code shipment. Using this prompt, one can easily get to know the bug in the code and get assistance in debugging.

How do I fix the following {programming language} code which {explain the functioning}? {code snippet}
bug fixing prompt

4. Best Practice

Knowing the industry’s best practices is very important while coding. This makes the code easy to read and also helps to maintain the codebase when the organization grows.

We can ask ChatGPT to give a set of rules and recommendations to follow while coding for a particular programming language.

Show me best practices for writing {concept or function} in {programming language}.
best practices prompt

5. Optimise

It is always recommended to write the most optimized code because it improves the performance of the program and helps save resources. Optimization can be in terms of the number of lines or in terms of space and time complexity.

We can get a piece of code optimized using ChatGPT

Optimize the following {programming language} code which {explain the functioning}: {code snippet}
Example – Optimisation in terms of number of lines of code

Here, ChatGPT suggested using list comprehension

optimization prompt
Example – Optimisation in terms of time complexity
optimisation prompt

6. Generate Code

We can also use ChatGPT to write a piece of code for us based on the requirements provided in the input. Here, describing the requirements is crucial to get the desired results.

Write a program/function to {explain functionality} in {programming language}
create api prompt

7. Code Conversion

We often need to convert a given code from one programming language to another. It can be the case when an organization changes its tech stack. It can also prove to be helpful while learning a new programming language to know how the same task be implemented in another language.

Convert the following {programming language 1} code to {programming language 2}: {code snippet}
Code Conversion prompt

8. Make ChatGPT Act as an Interpreter

ChatGPT can also do a roleplay like acting like an interpreter or compiler. We don’t need to download anything for this to achieve this. This allows us to write the code in the browser itself. It can be used while testing/experimenting with a command or for learning.

I want you to act like a {programming language} interpreter/compiler. I will give you {programming language} code, and you will execute it. Do not provide any explanations. Do not respond with anything except the output of the code. The first code is: {code}
interpreter prompt

9. Consult on Web Design

We can ask chatGPT for any consultation regarding the UI/UX design of our website so as to give a better look to it at first without the actual help of the design team.

I want you to act as a web design consultant. I will provide you with details related to an organization needing assistance in designing or redeveloping its website, and your role is to suggest the most suitable interface and features that can enhance user experience while also meeting the company’s business goals. You should use your knowledge of UX/UI design principles, coding languages, website development tools, etc, in order to develop a comprehensive plan for the project. My first request is “I need help creating a {website type} for {purpose}.”
web designing prompt

10. Suggest a Framework

Choosing the right framework or library is important before starting a project. It can hugely affect the performance, scalability, and complexity of the project. And often, it is difficult to decide which framework to use. But, we can leverage chatGPT to get an idea.

Can you recommend a suitable front-end framework/library for my website?? I’m making {type of website}.
recommend the framework prompt

11. Write Code Comments

Writing comments is very important while developing a program. These help in understanding the functionality of a particular function or code block at a later point and can also help new joiners to understand the codebase. ChatGPT can help us generate appropriate comments for a given code snippet.

Regenerate the code snippet below, but please include comments on each line of code {enter code}
regenerate the code rompt

12. Generate Readme Files

Readme is an important part of a repository that contains the purpose of the repository and guidelines to download and/or use the project (if any). Writing a good readme helps attract more people to your repository.

Generate documentation for the code below. You should include detailed instructions to allow a developer to run it on a local machine, explain what the code does, and list vulnerabilities that exist in this code. {enter code}

13. Generate a Dataset

While working on machine learning projects, the dataset is very important. In case we are not able to find a suitable dataset or require more data to train our model, we can use ChatGPT to get the data generated, and that too in desired format and quantity.

Generate {type of dataset} dataset containing {n} data points regarding {service or product} with fields including {fields}
Genereate dataset prompt

14. Web Scraping

Web scraping is used to collect data from a website. Using chatGPT, the same can be achieved this way:

Web scrape data from {url} using Python and Beautifulsoup
web scrapping prompt

Apart from these, ChatGPT can also assist us in the different stages of the software development life cycle [SDLC]. Let’s explore how can it be used in different stages.

15. Planning Stage

Before starting off with the project, we must plan for any potential challenges we may face, the estimated cost, and the timeline so that we can act accordingly. ChatGPT can help define the scope and requirements of the project by answering such questions.

I’m in the planning phase of my software development project and need guidance on [specific task/challenge]. Here are some project details: [Provide a brief overview, requirements, timeline, team, and risks].
I’m seeking insights on: [Specify areas like software architecture, resource allocation, feature prioritization, and scalability planning].

Please provide your recommendations to help me plan effectively.

16. Analysis Stage: Prepare the SRS document

We can use ChatGPT to prepare the SRS document as per the project description. This can help save a lot of time as it can be used as a skeleton using which software developers can improvise and create the final document.

Generate a comprehensive Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document for my software development project. The details are as follows: [Provide project overview, stakeholders, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, assumptions, and constraints.]
Please generate a well-structured SRS document with the following sections: Introduction, Scope, Functional Requirements, Non-functional Requirements, User Interfaces, System Architecture, Data Management, External Interfaces, Constraints, Assumptions, and Dependencies.

Ensure the document captures all necessary requirements for the successful development of the project.

17. Design Stage

We can ask ChatGPT to suggest an appropriate data model and the design patterns to be followed according to the specifications of the project. Data model and design patterns are important parts of a project and are needed to be chosen wisely before starting else it can lead to loss of money and effort and can also delay the project delivery.

I need suggestions for designing an effective data model for my software project. Here are some details: [Briefly describe the project, key functionalities, user requirements, data sources, and relationships].
I’m seeking recommendations for the following: [Entity identification, attributes, relationships, normalization, and optimization].

Please provide your suggestions for designing an effective data model

18. Development Phase

We can seek advice on how to proceed from a point where we might be stuck or can ask for help regarding scaling the project etc.

I’m working on a software project and need advice on ensuring scalability. Details: [Briefly describe the project, current usage and future growth, and technology stack].
I’m seeking advice on: [Architecture, database optimization, infrastructure, caching/performance optimization].

Please provide your recommendations and best practices to ensure scalability for my project.

19. Testing Stage

Testing is very important before sending the code to production. This helps identify any bugs or corner cases which may have gone unseen and thus, enhances user experience and prevents the harm to organization’s reputation. We can take the help of ChatGPT to generate test cases

Can you help me write test cases for this feature {explain the feature}?