Free Tools for Developer

Free Tools for Developer

Zill Nguyen
Zill Nguyen

Hosts, Servers for deploying your frontend/backend.

1. Netlify

Netlify helps you deploy not only static webs but also single-page applications and even complex e-commerce websites.

Netlify allows you to connect to private repos on GitHub combined with the CI system to help you deploy code easily. Get started for free.

2. Vercel (formerly Zeit)

Vercel is a good platform that allows you to build, preview and deploy websites easily. With Vercel, you can easily build and deploy web pages created by JavaScript architectures like: Next.js, Gatsby.js, React, Vue.js, Nuxt, Angular...

3. Surge

Surge supports static web deployment with CLI. You just need to install the npm module and run the command with boost directly in the project.

Surge allows free domain name changes and has basic SSL support.

4. Firebase

Google's Firebase Hosting lets you statically deploy web as well as single-page apps with ease. Firebase Hosting allows domain changes and free SSL. Moreover, you can also use some other free services of Firebase such as realtime-database, file storage, ....

5. Azure Static Web Apps

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform that includes PaaS - underlying platform, IaaS - infrastructure and SaaS - software It supports most languages, operating systems, tools, you can download or upload your computer resources through the server as needed.

6. Github Pages

GitHub is a well-known service that provides Git source code repositories for software projects. In addition, it also adds social features for developers to interact with each other and is considered the largest and easiest to use social network for developers with core features such as: Wiki, issue, system List, Watch project, Follow user.

7. Gitlab Pages

Gitlab is software with Git code repository management function. It possesses simple but extremely useful features. Contributing to effective support for businesses, organizations or individuals in storing codes conveniently, quickly and effectively. With this software, you can access it at any time, as long as the device has an internet connection.

Using Gitlab, you can hide their codebase, leaving it private. The cool thing is that you can use Gitlab for free without paying any fees. In case, the storage exceeds the free limit, you need to pay to buy more storage.

8. Glitch

This is a very cool website that helps you code and have a web right away, with a domain name and HTTPS, no need to install IDE or Git.

9. Heroku

Heroku is an application-in-a-service (PaaS) container-based cloud platform, many developers have used it to be able to deploy, scale, and manage workflows and perform support every design that can increase productivity for every app developer.

Automation Tools

1. n8n

n8n is a tool that creates jobs automatically, & connects those jobs into a series, which is called workflows.
n8n executes your workflows over and over again every week, every day, every hour, that you set up. It will save you a lot of time.

2. Integromat

Integromat is a platform that helps you connect applications and automate processes with just a few simple clicks, especially without knowing any programming.

Data will be moved through the applications with no effort, thereby saving you maximum time.


IFTTT is an extremely useful tool in supporting work automation. The work will be solved quickly, compactly, lightweight and save considerable time.

4. Pipedream

Pipedream is a tool that helps in linking software to create automated workflows. Supports Nodejs code and EXTREMELY EASY for even basic users. Especially FREE but extremely powerful.

Nocode Tools

1. NoCodeApi

NoCodeApi is one of those software that makes it easy for you and your business, non-technical people, to visualize the development process and define the basic business logic.

2. GlideApps

Glide is a tool Support mobile application design by drag and drop, the generated data will sync with Google Spreadsheet. If you are not a tech-savvy person, I think you should try Glide to better understand the convenience and benefits it brings.

3. Airtable

Airtable is a flexible and powerful all-in-one solution that helps you organize, manage, and categorize your data with ease. And being a spreadsheet hybrid database, it possesses the best features by combining spreadsheet, database and automation elements.

4. Bubble is the most powerful NoCode platform for building web apps today. Also known as Visual Programming Tool (visual programming tool), you can create UI by drag and drop, detailed settings for each UI as well as how the components work, in addition you can also design database strictly, from which many different web services can be created.